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Martin Gover

Time Control

Well its not getting easier is it? - controlling your time. The amount of 'stuff' out there we can be distracted by increases it seems exponentially every day.
nd as all the connected world continues to bundles fact and information as 'entertainment' to keep our jangled senses tuned to their particular waveband - time flutters away.

How easy is it to lose two three hours, a whole day infront of the computer and achieve...?

Use to be, for me, video games - a whole day gone and I still lost(the game - life?). But now there is Twitter and MySpace and FaceBook and the blog and , whats that other thing ? -O yea - email, and will you stop bothering me with questions I'm on the computer. Honey

Well like everything else that is in Your world, its unfortunately - UP to You. Up to Me, to order our lives. Mummy aint go do it anymore.

Ok - well How?

Funny you should ask

Click here for more info and soon to be released Time control work book