What kind of Internet business?

1)techie? - landing pages, SEO PPC etc - great - they work - I dont know a enough about them - check them out - they work. For some people.

2)Write a blog - make money?
ok - Good luck

3)Take the old tested MLM formula and bring it to the Internet?
Ok - which one, what criteria do you use to see if it will work?

Some hard info you need

Multi-level means, should mean, a business where you participate in all levels of distribution, profit wise. Every piece you create or help create you retain a piece of.

Multi Levels means expansion through networks of people (thus Network Marketing).
People like money - but for longevity people want -trust and belief. In you, and the syetem you bring them to.

So ideally for the long term pick a system that already has a long run, and ideally deals with simple, true market products.

The big product lines right now? - well ...Heath, Wellness and Beauty (thats is vitamins, health drinks mixes and Beauty - cosmetics skin care etc)

My suggestion - picks products that don't claim to cure cancer, poverty and hair balls in one pill. Something tried and true. And a bit more...believable.

If you move products , find a system that has an Admin company that warehouse's ships, tracks products, pays bonuses (and is trusted to pay bonusues)has references galore with people such as Small Business Beaureaus, the FTC. IRS the Government law makers etc. If you want a long term business.

Also MOST IMPORTANT -MOST IMPORTANT - make sure you get legal ownership of whatever it is you create. True ownership , in you name, willable ownership

Or start the whole thing your self.

If you want to create a business, one that already works, has the infrastructure - but needs the expansion - thats YOU...
I can help you, and if you show come commitment and a willingness to work and understand, I will work with you , your business and give you how long? - 3 months? - six months? - to create it,produce a profit, get a feel for it. No charhe. No money. No credir card info. Just you and me. Working

The you have to register (for the Government, IRS, longterm security - yours etc ) a fee of around $95.00 - until then its just your effort, and my connections for your profit.


So we both can make money of course